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Welcome to the Transformational Twenties

A new pace is required to bridge the transformation gap

Looking back 100 years ago, the 1920s were a decade of transformation. From suffrage to the first radio news broadcast to wide adoption of automobiles and commercial air travel, as well as the stock market crash. Innovation trends began to take hold in the 1920s and it became a defining decade in our world. Will the 2020s have as much impact? We think it will be the Transformational Twenties. And business will need to accelerate efforts — or risk being left behind.

We are excited about the possibilities 2020 and the coming decade holds for technology. In fact, we spent a lot of time thinking about the transformational twenties during the past year. First, we finalized our new vision statement that centers on our clients: to be transformational advisors for tomorrow’s digital business. This means doing everything we can to help clients understand the trends that matter and leverage technology for quick wins and meaningful organizational change.

Here is a snapshot of trends we see on the horizon:

  • The talent wars will continue with diversity playing an ever-increasing role. Look for talent in unusual places and empower the teams you have with training and opportunity.

  • How people interact with and experience technology, like augmented and virtual reality, will dominate conversations (and budget), but it’s not just for customers. It’s also for partners. Apply the experience factor to everything you do.

  • Cloud will continue be top of mind as companies assess their infrastructure organization, technology and policy strategies to meet the needs of the business.

  • IT operations will see a convergence of devops, no-ops and traditional ops in an effort to control the increasingly diverse, dynamic and data rich environments.

  • Continued focus on analytics and how AI through machine learning and other disciplines can help provide actionable insights

As we considered those trends (and others), we put a good deal of time and thought into what clients need most to be successful, and how we can help.

Interim & Fractional Services (CIO, CISO, CTO)

We can step in and help on a temporary basis when a company’s technology leader is not available, or they need to make some changes

  • Enterprise Assessment, Architecture and Integration

  • M & A, Strategic Restructuring

  • Mentoring / Coaching

Security Strategy and Execution

  • Methodology to Assess Security Programs and benchmark against the rest of industry

  • Roadmap Development to Secure Organizations

  • Protect Critical IP, Safeguard Privacy and Meet Regulatory Requirements

  • Leverage information security to be a competitive advantage for your business

Digital Strategy and Transformation

  • Enterprise Application and Data Architecture

  • Technology Operations Optimization

  • Complex Program Delivery / Agile PMO

Digital will continue to disrupt and change business, and speed will be the driver to deliver a competitive advantage. We enable organizations, large and small, by guiding technology leaders to connect with the business in new ways and establish relationships that will pave the way for the future of doing business electronically. We provide strategic security leadership to successfully integrate corporate objectives across all executive-level decisions while delivering financial/operational efficiencies and compliance across all business units.

While the 1920s experienced incredible transformational change, the market crash stifled innovation for years to come. We must focus on strategic, intelligent growth and proper investment controls. While business leaders will need to accelerate efforts or risk being left behind, there is also the risk of growth with no substance. It is vital for leaders to be mindful that unmitigated, poorly thought out expansion for its own sake be averted. That’s where external advisors who focus on meaningful transformation can help.

Our Values

Knowing what drives individuals is more crucial today than ever before in business. We put that into practice into place for our own partnership. For us, it’s about our ACTS (Advocate, Counsel, Trust, Share). We advocate for solutions-oriented technology to drive effective business results. We counsel clients with an experienced POV. We strive to be trusted advisors and real-world operators who guide, mentor and coach. And a very important part on a personal level is to share our knowledge to help better our communities.

Be sure to spend some time on our newly-redesigned website to learn more about partner expertise and how we can help you be more successful in this next decade of transformation.