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Two Ways CIOs Can Drive Business Profitability

(hint: it’s all about building products and selling products)

During the past 12 months, we’ve seen how CIOs can drive business resiliency and lead through crisis with technology solutions that improve operations, security, innovation and transformation. Beyond traditional IT hardware and software, outcome-focused CIOs are immersed in how technology can continue to amplify the business, from enabling and improving trusted remote work solutions to bringing creative ideas to sales, including improved websites, conferencing, and more.

But there is much more CIOs can do to partner with and enable the work happening in the business. We’re talking about product. The things a company produces. Here are two key areas where CIOs can help drive profitability with their business partners.

  • Building the Products and Services

Think about your company’s product, whether it’s software, hardware, or services. Technology can impact how products are built by enabling engineering teams. This includes reducing friction throughout design and production and all processes in between, enabling both engineering and manufacturing.

  • Selling the Products and Services

CIOs can be surprisingly important influencers in how a company can improve its selling game. CIOs who are partnering effectively with business peers may go on sales calls to see customers (or sit in on virtual sales calls). Some CIOs may even take occasional customer support calls to better understand issues and interact directly with customers.

Technology will certainly continue to be a conduit for business resiliency, and CIOs are crucial to enabling business to move much faster -- especially during times of disruption. That means expectations of IT will continue to rise. Successful technology leaders will be much more involved in supporting innovation, research and development (R&D), and securing intellectual property (IP), all of which are the lifeblood of business. This means CIOs should flex their credibility with internal business partners by taking a partnership stance to help accelerate business, from increasing innovation processes to reducing sales friction with things like virtual demos. Creating stellar experiences will be crucial – for both internal stakeholders and customers.

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Mark Egan