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The SD-WAN Solution: Performance improvements and cost reductions await

Technical flexibility and workforce agility have never been more important than in 2020. As data requirements and basic routines of work and productivity have evolved, so must the solutions. One of the biggest steps forward a company can take today in their transformation journey is actually nothing new at all – it’s the software defined wide area network, or SD-WAN.

Move faster, save money

At the core, SD-WAN is all about cost savings and speed. Immediate ROI is not something you usually see in IT. But that’s one of the many benefits SD-WAN brings. In fact, some StrataFusion clients have seen year-over-year cost reductions of more than 80 percent when looking at infrastructure costs over network, while improving capacity by 600 percent. Just think of significantly reducing telecommunication circuit costs and the ability to manage your network in the Cloud, versus on-premises equipment and the onboarding of new site locations. SD-WAN opens the door to automation for routine and ever-increasing tasks, policy control, as well as improved management to scale, simplify and keep things moving in an “always on” and increasingly remote network environment. Especially during a pandemic lockdown!

The compelling business case

SD-WAN enables a business to be more flexible with its underlying network technology. It’s also helpful in assisting businesses that are more ready to embark, which means quantifying the ROI, not just pure dollar payback but the progress with reliability, speed, cloud deployments, integrations, and even M&A activities. Real-time analytics are another upside. Network World recently reported that “analytics have moved from a nice-to-have feature to a must-have, particularly in the growing land of SD-WAN where it’s increasingly important to digest large volumes of data quickly in order to respond to threats and changing network conditions.”

Most small and mid-sized businesses will need to move forward with speed to quickly adapt to industry and social needs. It’s also an opportunity to realize cost savings, digital readiness and increased network performance, says StrataFusion Partner Mark Egan.

The bottom line is that while many have been transitioning successfully to this solution for some time, some are still reluctant. But fear not! All you need is fractional strategists, architects and implementers to frame the business case. We’ve done it before – successfully – and we are ready to help your team. Contact us today and let’s get started!