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The Fractional CISO – Filling Security Leadership Gaps to Keep the Wheels of Business Moving

The past few months have rocked the economy, and many small- and mid-sized companies that lacked robust transformational capabilities are now experiencing even bigger strains. A crucial area of stress is information security as businesses have had to quickly pivot an entire culture to remote work solutions.

As part of the work from home (WFH) transition, security organizations have been tested. While large companies typically have well-defined IT security teams for office security and protocols, many small and medium businesses (SMB) generally have leaner resources. Many find themselves in desperate need of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), one of the most challenging leadership roles to fill, even during non-crisis times. In the new normal of this pandemic, there are steps SMBs can take to add experienced, senior-level input into security – even when dedicated CISO roles are impossible to fill.

That’s where a fractional CISO approach may make the most sense – whether during times of turnaround, in an advisory capacity or on an interim basis. Where many companies focus their in-house resources on the current operational landscape, a fractional role can more easily be tailored to the needs of the business at a specific point in time.

We’ve helped many companies overcome challenging times with the expertise of fractional CISO and CIO leaders, from short-term projects to longer engagements. Companies experiencing a crisis or a gap in leadership can immediately get the expert guidance needed. A fractional CISO can consult on a project-based scenario, for a specific time period or even just working 1-2 days a week with leadership teams.

While there will be an eventual end to the pandemic, the business impact will likely continue for some time. This is where a fractional CISO or CIO can step in to help make an immediate difference.

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