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StrataFusion Announces New Partner Benjamin Dai

With technology passion to build nimble organizations and guide them to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, Benjamin Dai joins StrataFusion ready to enable business outcomes and teams that thrive through change as industry evolves. He is a technology strategist and transformational leader who brings exceptional executive guidance to his new role at StrataFusion.

Benjamin’s background is built on a foundation of Fortune 100 global expertise ranging from health technology delivery and enterprise architecture, to biomedical informatics, portfolio management, analytics, governance, privacy, and end-to-end software delivery. He brings a focused interest to the intersection of technology, disruptive innovation, enterprise collaboration, and workforce wellness, all through the lens of the digital age.

“We are more excited about the future than ever with leaders like Benjamin Dai joining our team,” said Ken Crafford, StrataFusion founding partner. “With his technical expertise across so many industry sectors, it feels like we are gaining a super power.”

Prior to StrataFusion, Benjamin led the evolution of his internal consulting organization at Kaiser into a trusted partnership culture, a proactive approach for developing business technology strategies with multi-year investment roadmaps resulting in 400 lives saved in the first year alone. Moreover, he spearheaded an enterprise technology strategy and application portfolio rationalization across all business segments and regions for a $1 billion operating portfolio. He served at Stanford Medical as the Chief Software Architect at their National Center for Biomedical Ontology.

Bringing a strong point of view to every enterprise initiative, Benjamin’s knowledge is based on a technical foundation of real-world experience. His work at Method and Disney focused on business transformation programs for enterprise solutions (e.g., ERP, CRM, PLM, and the Disney Enterprise Portal), across a spectrum of business functions. With much of his work paving the way for success with 2020’s remote workforce transition, Benjamin understands the unique needs of the enterprise, the convergence of remote work and culture, and the exciting opportunities of disruptive innovation.

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