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Our Take on the Top Tech Trends

Later this week, the Churchill Club will hold its 17th Annual Top 10 Tech Trends debate. This kind of debate is just our thing, so the CIOs and CTOs here at StrataFusion are putting forward trends we expect to see. We’re looking forward to hearing whether the Churchill Club’s guests agree.

Internet of Things (IoT): Trends we expect include the incorporation of Radar into IoT and the ubiquity of Location-Aware Technology. Applications that rely on data and analytics from sentient machines: smart machines with artificial intelligence that are location-aware will be everywhere. Service businesses based on this technology will thrive.

Information Security: There is no denying the urgency behind increasing information security. The industry will strike a balance between security and ease-of-use by accepting “second form of authentication/tokens” as standard business procedure. Today we err on the side of ease-of-use but continued data losses will force a behavior change.

Commerce: We expect to see significant advances in commerce and banking innovations that address developments in the sharing economy, mobile commerce, micro-banking and micro-outsourcing.

Income Inequality: Technology has been a significant driver in the acceleration of income inequality, and the potential risks that could pose to economies and social structures around the world. We are interested to see how technology can become a driver in reversing this trend.

Home/Personal Tech: This space is still a mess. The Internet, digital reproduction and storage technology, new distribution models and standards have all had a hand in throwing this industry into turmoil. We believe we’ll see tech companies find a way to streamline this experience for the everyday consumer while protecting the rights of content creators.

Personal/SMB Payments: The emergence of new payment instruments such as Bitcoin and new payment methods such as Apple Pay could disrupt large parts of the payment and money transfer markets.

We also see an increased role for robotics (including drones) and wearables (beyond your wristwatch). Battery technology is on our list to watch, given we have been on the cusp of a breakthrough in battery technology for decades now.

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