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CISE Education Fund Surpasses $1 Million to Help Bridge the Cybersecurity Talent Gap

Like never before, cybersecurity is foundational to business and institutions. But it’s also much more difficult to access the talent needed to ensure the secure flow of digital business. With Forbes reporting that cybersecurity talent gaps are bigger than previously thought, we know that we have less than half the cybersecurity candidates needed to handle increasing demand. According to research from Emsi, for every 100 active job postings, there are only 48 qualified candidates.

It’s more important than ever to support technology education, and the Consortium of Information Systems Executives (CISE) is working to make a positive impact and expand the talent pipeline and assist less advantaged students as they pursue cybersecurity careers. The CISE Education Fund is committed to paving the way forward for cybersecurity talent and the education needed for the workforce. As part of the work, the CISE CIO Marathon is an important annual event that focuses on and supports cybersecurity talent -- helping keep pace with growth of the digital economy. Thanks to another successful CIO Marathon, the CISE fund has now surpassed $1M in donations to support cybersecurity education.

“With business, transportation, fitness, education, and government digitizing faster than ever, it is the responsibility of all leaders across every sector to support and invest in the cultivation of cybersecurity talent,” said Shobhana Ahluwalia, CIO of Peloton and CISE Education Fund board member. “The CISE Education Fund is dedicated to filling the talent gap and preparing the next generation of cybersecurity leadership.”

A special thanks goes to the following companies who participated in this year’s virtual event: Socilachorus, Prismo Systems, Productiv, Airgapnetworks, Cleanshelf, Zylo, and Tagit Solutions. With their participation, 100 percent of the Marathon proceeds are dedicated to the CISE Education Fund and are used to assist less advantaged students to pursue technology careers.

The CISE Education Fund has supported the Merritt College Security Program, which consistently ranks as one of the top cybersecurity programs in the nation.

If you would like to get involved with CISE or learn more about hiring talent, please visit https://www.ciseeducationfund.com.

Mark Egan