About StrataFusion



Comprised of former CIOs, CISOs and CTOs who have proven experience in disruptive organizations, from large, storied companies to scrappy start-ups, our partners are real-world operators who drive practical actions. Our advisors bring a customized approach and strong point of view to drive alignment between business and technology.


We offer executive services to help clients build their technology foundation to solve for digital complexity, manage costs, and deliver quantifiable results in today’s dynamic business environment.  That means we focus on increasing revenue and ensuring an excellent digital customer experience, with a mindset to secure innovation.

Transformation requires more than just an understanding of the newest technology and IT or security trends.

Transformation requires organizational leadership that can guide and educate stakeholders, earn trust to drive a new mindset and navigate a new course for digital culture. It’s crucial to see beyond the data and into the organization to truly drive meaningful change. That’s where we can assist with personnel development, from recruitment to leadership and mentoring.

Our vision is to be the fusion point of transformation strategy and technology execution for the future of business.

We are transformational advisors for tomorrow’s digital business.


In 2001, Ken Crafford and John Dick saw the need for executive-level IT services, but were frustrated by the lack of results from technology and management consultants.

Our founders joined forces to drive needed change by forging their leadership expertise and help organizations that were experiencing that same frustration. Their call-to-action for opening a boutique firm was centered around delivering executive level strategic help while being mindful of budgets and quick results that can best impact the business.

Almost 20 years later, StrataFusion Group has grown but remains true to its original focus. Today, the firm is comprised of an extensive and deeply experienced team of current and former CIOs, CISOs and CTOs – from large, storied companies to scrappy start-ups. Companies include Yahoo, Skype, The GAP, Walmart.com, VMWare, BlackHawk Networks, Plantronics, Intuit, Symantec, HP, Adobe, Splunk, Marketo, Lucent Technologies and Autodesk to name a few.


SFG Partners have managed the spectrum of resources, from billion-dollar budgets and to lean teams of just five 5-10 people. They have delivered technology and strategic business outcomes to help organizations successfully scale. They have enabled clients to leverage technology investments to produce increased revenue and improve customer engagements and experiences while reducing risk and costs.

Today, every business is digital in some way. And the right digital transformation approach will help any company evolve. Or, by ignoring the digital imperative, risk losing ground or becoming irrelevant in the market. Finding success through change is about having a thoughtful plan, and we strategically map the right requirements to guide the transformational digital journey. We do this by driving a technology approach and security protocol strategies that empower organizations and teams to keep pace with dynamic and ever-changing business needs.

Expertise to Drive Change

Company mission

As transformational advisors, we take a relationship-based approach to bridge business strategy and solutions-oriented execution to drive sustainable business value. We help companies navigate the ever-changing technology landscape and solve for complexity and efficiency to deliver meaningful results.



StrataFusion Partners believe our leadership opportunity is to:
• Advocate for solutions-oriented technology to drive effective business results
• Counsel clients with an experienced POV
• Trusted advisors and real-world operators who guide, mentor and coach
• Share our knowledge for better communities


Our vision is to be transformational advisors for tomorrow’s digital business.

Ken Crafford

Founder/Partner - StrataFusion